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VIVA Medi Clinics is a London-based private GP practice, offering consultations, tests, treatments and referrals for an extensive range of health considerations.

Whether you are looking to maintain a balanced and healthy lifestyle with expert professional help, or you have specific health concerns in mind that you would like attended to, you can be confident that you are in safe hands with our highly qualified team.

At VIVA Medi Clinics, we are proud to offer you highly trained General Practitioners, all of whom have undergone UK-based training and have established experience across the spectrum of health. Our carefully selected team abide by a strict ethical conduct, with patient safety and confidentiality our top priority. You can feel safe and at ease with the VIVA Medi Clinics team, knowing that you are receiving bespoke, expert, and attentive health care.

In addition to the conventional one-to-one patient-doctor appointments, VIVA Medi Clinics are proud to offer uniquely tailored healthcare packages. These focus on a series of mental and physical health concerns, as well as addressing the individual needs of different age brackets and genders. We do not believe that any two health queries are the same, and so we have developed these packages as a means of thoroughly evaluating your wellbeing in a way that is specifically targeted to you.

Dr. Daniel Wright MD MRCGP MA Ba (Hons)

Medical Director of VIVA Medi Clinics


Dr. Daniel Wright is a compassionate and clinically excellent general practitioner. He has practiced in both the United States and in the United Kingdom, affording him the invaluable experience of the two different countries’ healthcare systems and a broad variety of health concerns. He has a range of specialist interests, including paediatrics, women’s, men’s and mental health, and has had extensive training in both US and UK hospitals for these specific areas. He also has gained a BA and Masters in English Literature and believes this contributes to the holistic approach he employs in consultation. In addition to his VIVA Medi Clinics practice, he works as a GP in the NHS and so is subject to the rigorous appraisal process and continuing professional development that this entails. He places great value on the clinical relationship he builds with his patients, believing that this additional personal dimension is invaluable to patient-care.


‘VIVA Medi Clinics physicians maintain a holistic approach to healthcare. We address ill-health, not only from a physical point of view, but also from a psychological and emotional one.’ Dr. Daniel Wright

Dr. Joanna Mcnally

Oxford Deanery and qualified in 2015.

Jo has a specialist interest in women’s health and regularly attends courses in this field to ensure she keeps up to date with the current clinical guidance.

She’s currently working towards completing additional qualifications to enhance her knowledge and skills in women’s health.

As with all of our VIVA Medi Clinics doctors, Jo believes in a compassionate, human approach to healthcare:

‘How many of us have put off going to the doctor because we feel embarrassed or apprehensive? This is precisely what we want to work against. At VIVA Medi Clinics, we want to give our patients 1) the familiarity of the same doctor for every visit, 2) a safe, non-judgemental place to discuss their health and 3) a discreet and confidential service.

Our purpose is to provide top-tier, fuss-free healthcare, all with a real, human element. When a patient comes through the doors at VIVA Medi Clinics, we want them to feel that. Making a difference is what really counts.’ – Dr. Joanna Mcnally

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