VIVA Woman

VIVA Medi Clinics doctors are able to help with a wide variety of women’s health issues, including:

Antenatal care

Pregnancy is a joyous experience, but it can also be a worrying one. VIVA Medi Clinics is here to offer support throughout your entire pregnancy, providing a professional and compassionate ear as well as expert advice for any of your pregnancy queries.

Breast examinations

It is important to self-examine your breasts regularly and to be aware of any changes, no matter how slight. If you have any concerns at all, VIVA Medi Clinics offers a full breast examination including instruction on self-examination going forward.

Contraceptive advice

There are a number of contraceptive options available to women, but it can often be difficult to know which method is right for you. VIVA Medi Clinics is available to offer contraceptive advice, explaining the pros and cons of each option and allowing you to decide which is best for your lifestyle and body.

Fertility counselling, investigations and referrals

At VIVA Medi Clinics, we understand the effect that fertility issues can have on your mental wellbeing, as well as the strain that these can cause on the relationships in your life. VIVA is here to provide comprehensive testing, examinations, and if necessary, referral to our fertility specialist partners, all within a calm and compassionate environment.

Pre-pregnancy advice & blood testing

If you are starting to consider pregnancy and want to understand your fertility cycle and optimise the chance of success, VIVA Medi Clinics can provide comprehensive advice and planning, and, when necessary, blood testing and ultra-sonography investigation.

Support during menopause

If you believe you are experiencing menopausal symptoms, or have worries regarding the menopause, then VIVA Medi Clinics doctors are here to support you. We will approach your concerns in a holistic manner, taking into mind your psychological well-being as well as any physical symptoms.

Menstrual cycle concerns

If problems with your periods are affecting your life, there is help and support available from VIVA Medi Clinics doctors. We are able to counsel and help with irregular periods, painful periods, heavy bleeding pre-menstrual syndrome (“PMS”), absent periods and ovulatory pain amongst others.

Cervical health and screening

VIVA Medi Clinics doctors recommend and perform cervical screening tests (previously known as a smear test) for each of our patients at least every three years. This is a method of detecting abnormal cells on the cervix, and removing abnormal cervical cells can prevent cervical cancer.

Worries regarding ovarian cancer

Ovarian cancer is one of the most common types of cancer in women. Ovarian cancer mainly affects those who have been through the menopause (usually over the age of 50), but it can sometimes affect younger women too. VIVA Medi Clinics doctors are able to counsel you and, if necessary, investigate further any concerns you have about this condition.

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